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Community Gatherings

A unique program involving 2 different types of community connection-building activities both within and between communities - with many Pollinator Gatherings within communities building to a large, collaborative Cross-Pollination Swarm across all communities 

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An opportunity for a small, diverse group to meet and share an evening of arts, food, dialogue and ideas around a meaningful theme related to community and being human! Each event includes:

  • a shared arts experience

  • a shared meal around the table with a single facilitated conversation on the theme

  • a lively ideation on how to create deeper, better & more connected communities

Cross-Pollination SwarmS

Once or twice per year, all the attendees of the Pollinator Gatherings come together from different communities to share the varied insights from their gatherings and then re-engage in mixed, cross-community teams to generate ideas and approaches to build greater community understanding and experiences.

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Arts Immersions

These Arts-driven events and experiences engage and surprise the audience. All Arts Immersions  are centered on a meaningful theme around being human - from Stage Performances to Artist Storyshares to “Laying It Down” on the Piano - with each event involving members of the community and engaging the audience in collaboration and dialogue on the theme.  

Arts Immersions

For The Stage

Renowned performers take the stage alongside up-and-comers to present performances centered around meaningful themes on being human. All performances end with a community conversation on the theme with the audience.

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Artist Storyshare

An art exhibit is curated around a single theme related to being human. Selected artists share their art and true, personal stories around the theme. The Storyshare ends with a community conversation on the theme with the audience.

The LID Sessions

The Piano is said to be the most popular instrument to learn and play. Some who learn go on to music careers, some drop piano entirely, and others make piano an important part of their personal lives, just not publicly!  Host Frederic Chiu created The LID Sessions to draw out those pianists to come and surprise their community and “Lay It Down” on the piano for an audience. It's always fun to see who shows up on the stage. The music ends with a community conversation further revealing the piano-connection thread!

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Workshops to reimagine
innovate and transform

Like for other sectors, the landscape is changing and evolving for many community organizations. There is a need to understand community and their needs in a much deeper way. With EXCITE Transformation workshops, organizations gain skills that allow them to continually evolve, re-imagine, innovate and transform to address the deepest needs and desires of their communities. DPS workshops allow organization leaders to deepen their personal performance using techniques and mindsets of classical pianists.

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EXCITE and DPS Workshops

These skills allow organizations, staff and individuals to gain a deep understanding of community/audiences and to reimagine and transform themselves, their organizations and how they serve.


By Learning How To:

  • Connect deeply with community/audience needs

  • Practice true collaboration internally and externally

  • Improve personal focus and performance 

  • Adopt the process & mindset to expand ideas and engage in purposeful innovation

  • Develop programs that inspire, engage and align

EXCITE: Has been used by more than 75 companies & 64 libraries/community orgs

DPS: Has been run for dozens of universities, thousands of individuals

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